The largest range of trophies to personalise!

The largest range of personalised trophy options!

Are you looking for personalised trophy engravings for football, hockey, swimming or any other sport? Would you like to create your own personalised trophy ? Budgettrophy has it! You'll find the biggest range of sports trophies you can buy online at Budgettrophy. Budgettrophy has trophies in all colours and sizes and trophies for every budget and every sport. You can easily personalise a trophy with a (sports) picture and your own text and obtain your engraved trophy.

Personalised trophies

Budgettrophy has a wide range of trophies for the best price and quality. To help you choose the right trophy, we have divided our trophy collection into the categories mentioned below.

Small trophies

These are the cheapest trophies we offer. You order a small trophy already for 4.70 pound! The height of trophies ranges from 10 to 30 cm. Due to the low price, these trophies are perfect to use as mementos for all participants. You can easily get a trophy personalised on the product page of our webshop.

Medium-sized trophies

In this category you will find trophies that consist of several sizes. We call this a series. A series of trophies can be used if you want to present the same trophy to everyone, but you want to distinguish the position achieved by the different heights in combination with a personalised engraved trophy text. Of course, the winner then gets the biggest trophy! The medium-sized trophies are available ranging from 7.20 pound with a height from 20 cm.

Large trophies

Would you like to really surprise the winner? Then choose a large trophy! These trophies have a more luxurious look and are heavier and taller. The winner will have a nice memento of his performance at your event! You can buy a large trophy ranging from 29.75 pound and you will find trophies of at least 25 cm high. Due to the large base, there is enough space to get the trophy personalised and use it as a challenge trophy.

Having a personalised trophy made at Budgettrophy

At Budgettrophy you can have your own trophy made. Budgettrophy is your partner for personalised sports trophies. Thanks to Budgettrophy's various personalisation options, you can adjust your trophy completely to your wishes. For unique sports trophies at the award ceremony, customise the trophy in the style of your event, match or tournament. We list all personalisation options of Budgettrophy for you:

Ordering a personalised trophy with text

Complete your personalized trophies with custom text by having the trophies engraved. Every trophy can be personalised by means of a trophy engraving plate with text in gold or silver. Simply enter the desired text on our website and  Budgettrophy will take care of the rest.

Printing your trophy

Get your trophy personalised by printing it with your own design. You can have a trophy made with your own logo or photo. You can also print the trophy with one of the free (sports) pictures of Budgettrophy. These standard pictures are placed on the trophy in gold, silver or bronze. Your own design will be placed on the trophy in colour. Keep in mind that the background of the picture is always white. If you upload a picture or photo that is fully coloured, you will obviously not see a white background. Do you need help or have questions about having engraved trophies made at Budgettrophy? Our customer service team is at your service.

Personalised trophy engraving

Besides iron trophies, we also have luxury glass trophies that can be personalised. For real eye-catchers in your trophy-cabinet, put your own logo or photo on an elegant glass trophy. You can choose from a glass trophy with engraving or for a glass trophy with photo colour print. You can also order a glass trophy with personalized text through trophy engraving. 

Would you like to combine your personalised trophies with homemade medals? Personalised medals are also available at Budgettrophy. Choose a medal as a base and place your own design, logo or photo on the front of the medal. On the back is room for a personal text. With a ribbon of your own choice, your unique medal is complete. You can also buy a trophy easily and quickly at Budgettrophy! Do you still have questions about our engraving trophies? Please contact our customer service!